Advantages of the Backpack Quiver Combo

The backpack quiver combo offers a comfortable way to carry an arrow while hunting. This type of quiver also offers more storage than a hip or field quiver. It is also more versatile than a bow quiver. The arrows can be easily removed from the backpack and the quiver can be adjusted to the archer’s height for better access and visibility. These quivers are great for those who want to carry more arrows and accessories while hunting. They are also a good choice for those who like to travel long distances while hunting.

A back quiver requires some practice to become proficient with. It takes some practice to navigate through brush without bumping an arrow into a branch or catching it on the bottom of the quiver. It also takes time to learn how to draw and nock an arrow without looking back at the quiver or the bow. But when you get it right a back quiver is very practical and looks quite cool. There’s a reason Howard Hill and other traditional bowhunting legends used them.

The Elite takedown quiver offers a stylish look that can be easily attached to a backpack or belt. It can be adjusted to accommodate a wide variety of arrow diameters, and it features removable dividers for different arrow configurations. Besides its premium design, this quiver is made from rugged materials for durability and reliability. The bow holders are padded for comfort, and the belt is designed with medical-grade velcro for snag-free adjustability.