Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews

Keeping yards, porches, driveways and gardens clean and tidy is an important part of homeownership. Backpack leaf blowers help homeowners keep all of their outdoor spaces looking great while saving them a significant amount of time. However, not all backpack blowers are created equal. The best ones are easy to use and comfortable to wear, allowing owners to get the job done quickly and effectively while also being able to relax during the process.

Backpack leaf blowers are powered either by gas engines or electrical motors that are worn on the user’s back. These units allow users to move around their yards without being tethered to an extension cord and can be used anywhere on the property where there is sufficient space to do so. The best ones are lightweight and comfortable to wear, with features that can be adjusted to suit the user’s preferences.

While they are most commonly used to clear leaves and debris, the top-rated models of backpack leaf blowers can also be used to blow out garages and sheds or to clear puddles from patios and decks after rainy days. Many owners will also find that the blowers are useful during snowfall, as they can help to clear light layers of snow off the ground or in bushes that would otherwise be difficult to remove with a shovel.

As with any piece of power equipment, it is important to be aware of the noise level of the unit. Most gas powered blowers will produce a sound that is loud enough to warrant the need for hearing protection, with the exception of some battery-powered models. Most manufacturers will list a decibel rating based on testing conducted from 50 feet away, but the noise levels that are experienced by the user at ear level can be significantly higher than this number.