Choosing the Right Backpack Sizes

backpack sizes

Regardless of the type of backpack you are looking for, it’s important to find the right size to keep your belongings secure. Most backpacks are measured in liters. For example, a 44L backpack will hold approximately 30 liters. A 46L backpack will hold approximately 40 liters. Similarly, a 50L backpack will hold approximately 70 liters. Whether you’re planning on hiking in the mountains or taking a day trip to a nearby town, it’s important to find a size that will fit your needs.

A waist belt should sit slightly above your hips, as a waist belt that is too low will not transfer the weight of the pack onto your hips. Similarly, a sternum strap should sit above your chest and not fall too far below. The height and width of the straps are important for a good fit, but they can vary wildly between different backpacks. Generally, an 80-liter or larger backpack will have adjustable shoulder straps.

When choosing a backpack, remember that a larger bag means more storage space. An expandable backpack is a great choice if you need more space for additional items. It will also have the same functionality as an unexpandable backpack, which is another great feature to look for when you’re purchasing a backpack. If you’re planning a weekend trip, a 20-30 liter backpack will be sufficient. If you’re going on an extended hike, a larger backpack will be the best option.